If you are new to Yoga, a group class may seem a bit daunting. But don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes, come and try it out and see how you feel.

Let us know if it is your first time to Yoga and  if you have any injuries or if you are pregnant.  Try to avoid arriving on a full stomach, drink plenty of water before-hand and wear comfy loose clothing.


Yoga literally means yoke or union.  It is an ancient 2,000 year old Indian philosophy and body of knowledge that through the practices of breath (pranayama) poses ( asana) and meditation brings us back to our innate state; harmonious, balanced and joyful.

Using the breath to unite our mind and body, we create an embodied awareness.  The practise of yoga allows us to slow down and listen to ourselves and as the mind quietens, we begin to  “still the fluctuations of the mind”. It allows us to be instead of do.  To be in the present moment with ourselves.

As we synchronise our breath and movement there are many rejuvenating physical benefits including reducing stress, release of  toxins, strengthening, and increasing flexibility.  It is also an invitation to turn inside and  let go of the constructs we create in our minds, bodies and lives and open up to deeper levels of self-discovery and  healing.

The practise continues as we take ourselves off the mat and back into our lives and let the ripples of these gifts spread far and wide.


waveA fun class of continuous posture sequence.. Focusing the mind on the rhythm of the breath and the movement of the body results in a soft, easy meditation and gentle strengthening and increasing flexibility.

Breath is the main focus as the teacher takes you on a journey exploring and strengthening the body, holding poses for a number of breaths before consciously moving on to the next one. Themes from Yoga philosophy are used to deepen knowledge and understanding of the practice as well as the capabilities of body and mind.   This is an open level class, however some experience of yoga is recommended and/or a reasonable fitness level.